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Gain Access to the Inside Secrets that Make a CV Stand Out from the Crowd

It's not always the wording of a CV that lets it down - it's what HAS to be included to get found in today's crowded online job market and what works best.

That's where we can help.

Having your CV professionally reviewed by a senior recruitment professional will easily increase the likelihood of getting closer to interview.

For just £35.00 we can make your existing CV really stand out from the crowd

(This includes reformatting and layout; error checking and maximising your opportunity to be found by agencies in CV searches and on job boards).

And if you need more work done, a complete rewrite is only £65.00
(For this service we will use your existing CV and may request further information from you. One revision is included in the price.)

Your new CV will then be processed by experienced consultants and emailed to you within 72 hours.

Email for more information.
CV Tips (part one)

‘Can you have a look at my CV please and tell me what you think?’

More than 15,000 CVs every year are examined in the course of my ‘day job' - I consider myself a ‘CV Master’.

Ask 20 people for their comments and you’ll get 20 differing opinions. There are so many confusing views on layouts, fonts and what should be included - profiles, achievements, interests, length of CV, etc, etc and etc!

The problem with CVs
Most HR Managers are inundated with dozens of CVs every day by post and e-mail whether it’s people applying directly for jobs or sending unsolicited CVs ‘on the off-chance’.
It’s impossible to read each one thoroughly so it is vitally important to capture the reader’s interest within the first ten seconds and then make it an ‘easy journey’ for them to discover what you can bring to their company or the role.
  • A quick response to a job ad is essential (especially in today’s market) , so always have your CV up-to-date.
  • A CV is your primary marketing tool – a personal ad showing what you can offer a potential employer in a compact, easy to read format. Think less about ‘what have I done’ and more about ‘why should they hire me’.
  • Length. To keep attention it needs to be short and punchy. Too often candidates say they can’t possibly (?) put everything they have done in their working life onto a few pages - rubbish!! Remember your CV is a marketing tool, not a life story! Whilst detailed, 15 page CVs will be binned straight away (trust me!), a one page overview will be too short – ‘what have they to hide’? A three or four page may be required for senior executives as long as it encourages reading and includes all of the important details on the first page.

Future Issues - Format, What to Include/Exclude, Covering Letters

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