Crowded Market?

Gain Access to the Inside Secrets that Make a CV Stand Out from the Crowd

It's not always the wording of a CV that lets it down - it's what HAS to be included to get found in today's crowded online job market and what works best.

That's where we can help.

Having your CV professionally reviewed by a senior recruitment professional will easily increase the likelihood of getting closer to interview.

For just £35.00 we can make your existing CV really stand out from the crowd

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Your new CV will then be processed by experienced consultants and emailed to you within 72 hours.

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How do you differentiate yourself in a market where everybody might look the same to a potential employer?

There are many ways that you can differentiate yourself and place yourself in a strong position, regardless of the reasons you may be seeking a new job.

Build your professional brand by highlighting your career profile to potential employers. Post your professional profile on career networking sites. Showcase your industry specific skills. Make sure your profile creates a positive impression of yourself as an individual who would be an asset to the prospective employer. A distinctive profile will help you stand out from the crowd of job seekers.

Target industry specific networking sites. This is an excellent way for job seekers to connect with fellow professionals and gain access to multiple opportunities in the industry. Networking portals are the gateway for companies and their hiring managers to promote their company profile and connect with potential candidates within their industry.

Be proactive and continue to network. Don’t wait for hiring managers to call you. Join professional organizations and attend conferences and workshops. Connect with potential recruiters and others within your professional community.

Make sure potential recruiters and hiring managers are able to match you to their job requirement. Promote your transferable skills. Emphasize what you can do for the company making it easier for employers to seek you out, rather than the other way around.

Be versatile. This ability will increase your chances of success. Be prepared to play more than one role. For example you may be a logistics professional but can also volunteer to take on sales and service training responsibilities.

Invest in up skilling your existing professional knowledge and skills. Acquire new specific knowledge skills that are required of your profession and your industry, responsive to the changing job market.

Develop a global perspective and stay abreast of industry developments in your professional field.

Get ready to approach corporate recruiters or hiring managers. Establish networks to track down potential employers. Access knowledge and valuable tips from the Career Toolkit sections of your career networking portals. It might help you write and impressive CV and create the best impression at your interview.

• Revise and up date your CV to
send to recruiters and be prepared to interview. Contact your job leads by sending in your CV with a cover letter.

Be prepared to move locations or work overseas. Companies are increasingly looking for candidates with breadth of capabilities who can work across organizational and geographic boundaries.

Strengthen your personal attributes. Develop a healthy level of enthusiasm and initiative. Hone your oral, written communication and interpersonal skills. Improve your computer literacy. Maybe learn a new language.

Finally, learn to manage your career like an entrepreneur and think creatively about your future. Be flexible and learn to juggle a variety of career roles. Start your own business, take up part time work, become a freelance consultant or work as an independent contractor.

A tight job market can offer you plenty of opportunities to display your capabilities. A distinctive professional profile would differentiate you to the potential employer and make you more competitive in a tight job market.