Crowded Market?

Gain Access to the Inside Secrets that Make a CV Stand Out from the Crowd

It's not always the wording of a CV that lets it down - it's what HAS to be included to get found in today's crowded online job market and what works best.

That's where we can help.

Having your CV professionally reviewed by a senior recruitment professional will easily increase the likelihood of getting closer to interview.

For just £35.00 we can make your existing CV really stand out from the crowd

(This includes reformatting and layout; error checking and maximising your opportunity to be found by agencies in CV searches and on job boards).

And if you need more work done, a complete rewrite is only £65.00
(For this service we will use your existing CV and may request further information from you. One revision is included in the price.)

Your new CV will then be processed by experienced consultants and emailed to you within 72 hours.

Email for more information.

Guide to working with recruitment consultants.

Job hunting is a full-time process - preparing and ensuring your CV is up-to-date, identifying and selecting potential employers, completing application forms etc. all take time. Using a specialist recruitment agency can save you time and provide you with exposure to a greater range of vacancies.

The expertise and sector knowledge of the consultancy will often increase your chances of securing a first interview, and as they have existing client relationships, they may be able to introduce you to opportunities you may not otherwise hear about.

The more proactive recruitment agencies will go above and beyond the call of duty and will actively target your top 10 potential employer list on your behalf, increasing your chances of working with your first-choice employers.

When choosing a recruitment agency, seek referrals and recommendations from your friends and colleagues.

Your consultant should:

  • Offer constructive CV preparation advice
  • Provide interview advice and tips
  • Offer advice where relocation in involved
  • Provide salary analysis and recruitment trends
  • Help construct a target list of potential employers and actively approach them on your behalf (with your prior consent)
  • Keep you up to date
  • Forward your CV to potential employers (with your consent)
  • Brief and help with preparation prior to interview
  • Provide constructive feedback post-interview
  • Negotiate salary expectations on your behalf
  • Keep you up to date with your applications' progress
From a legislative standpoint, the recruitment agency has a legal obligation to ensure that you are eligible to work in the UK so you will be asked to prove your identity. Passports are usually taken as best proof and originals will be copied while you are at the agency.

Once you have registered and met your consultant, agree next steps; this will ensure your consultant meets your expectations.

Provide a list of the companies that you would like to work for as well as those you are not interested in. Agencies worth their salt will actively canvass these organisations and put you forward for any suitable positions that arise. If you receive an email or voice message about opportunities, or are called in person but cannot speak freely, then make sure you contact your consultant as soon as possible afterwards.

The marketplace is competitive and many clients only wish to see a limited number of candidates, so too long a delay in responding may mean that you lose the chance of an interview. Being well organised is essential if you are proactively searching for a new role.

Good agencies continually strive to improve their service. See our listing on this site for agencies that we can recommend to give a superior service. If you have any feedback or suggestions about any aspect of the service you received, notify the agency directly either via your consultant or through a customer satisfaction survey. Successful job searching is essentially down to a good working relationship between you and your consultant - good luck!