Crowded Market?

Gain Access to the Inside Secrets that Make a CV Stand Out from the Crowd

It's not always the wording of a CV that lets it down - it's what HAS to be included to get found in today's crowded online job market and what works best.

That's where we can help.

Having your CV professionally reviewed by a senior recruitment professional will easily increase the likelihood of getting closer to interview.

For just £35.00 we can make your existing CV really stand out from the crowd

(This includes reformatting and layout; error checking and maximising your opportunity to be found by agencies in CV searches and on job boards).

And if you need more work done, a complete rewrite is only £65.00
(For this service we will use your existing CV and may request further information from you. One revision is included in the price.)

Your new CV will then be processed by experienced consultants and emailed to you within 72 hours.

Email for more information.
Top 10 Tips - Getting the Best from Recruitment Agencies

1. Shop around and find out which agencies are most likely to offer what you need.
2. Establish a good relationship with the consultant. They’ll remember you and work harder for you.
3. Communicate clearly to the agent what it is you’re looking for and spell out what you’re prepared to accept. You’re less likely to be sent on wild goose chases!
4. Respond promptly to any enquiry from an agent. They often work to tight deadlines and you may be overlooked if you fail to respond in time.
5. Take time to impress the agent as you would an employer. They can choose whether to forward your CV and may be asked to feed back on you to a prospective employer.
6. Ask to have a say over which companies see your CV. Less reputable agents may simply flood the market and it is a legal requirement for an agency to get your permission first! You could apply to a company independently then discover that your CV has been sent to the employer by the agent.
7. Always follow up. Agencies can be slow to feed back and some rarely feed back at all. Make it clear you expect to be kept informed.
8. Don’t register with too many agencies. If you do so your CV may land up on the same employer’s desk many times. You don’t want to look indiscriminate or desperate!
9. Pick their brains - good recruitment consultants know their sector well, are familiar with industry trends, salary expectations etc.
10. Don’t forget that the agent works for the employer – not you!!